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Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Force.com, Developer and Performance Editions of Salesforce $6 USD* per license / per month

All user licenses in an Org must be assigned an ezCloudAudit™ license.

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Product Description

Drive User Adoption

Whether you are onboarding new employees or driving overall Salesforce adoption among your existing team – ezCloudAudit™ is the one tool you need to understand actual user behavior. Discover what content and pages matter to salespeople, executives, partners and customers. Easy to read dashboards let you monitor every aspect of Salesforce usage and track real adoption.

Reconstruct Exported Reports

Have complete visibility into exported reports – even if they have been deleted or are saved in private folders. Know what data is being exported from your org, when and by who.

Detect Potential Abuse

Monitor logins and page access taking place from external IP addresses. Keep tabs on who is looking at important accounts and records – make sure no one is accessing data they should not be. Ensure employees are adhering to corporate policies on approved mobile devices and guidelines for remote access.

  1. Track EVERYTHING a user views in Salesforce including records, reports, dashboards and Visualforce pages. Users do not need to change anything on a record to be tracked.
  2. Monitor three key areas: Salesforce logins, report exports and user activities.
  3. Rows in data tables can be expanded to show additional details and aggregated data is shared in dynamic charts and graphs.
  4. Audit logs are saved for two years.
  5. Quickly export data from ezCloudAudit™ for further review.
  6. Create and save filters to track important records, users, IP addresses and report exports.


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